Making goals is easy for me. Actually following through on them… a totally different story.

Part of this, I think, stems from the fact that I am a very disorganized person. I buy planners. I buy notebooks. I buy calendars. I buy cute notepads, and sticky notes, and pens, and highlighters, and all sorts of office supplies I never use… What a waste! I start off strong. I’ll write daily in my planner for about a week… two tops. And then I lose it.

I want to expand my Etsy shop this year, even by just a little bit. I want to create my own designs. Maybe even sell some of my patterns. I just know I need to become more organized in order to make it happen.

I know it’s a little late but this is my resolution for the year; more organization when it comes to my Etsy shop and knitting goals. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “#goals

  1. I totally understand what you mean about having everything to be organized but for some reason it seems to get lost and forgotten about quick. I too made a goal to increase my Etsy sales and therefore I am relying on my planner to keep track of a lot of my sales and such so I can stay on top of everything. So far it’s going well. I just hope I stick with it!
    Good luck with your goals and finding that planned daily!
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.wordpress.com

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