give me your tired, your poor

Since the election and inauguration of the Crybaby in Chief, the idea of craftivism has become more and more important to me and many others in the crafting community. There has been a lot of anxiety and stress in the months since November and one of the ways I personally deal with my stress is to keep my hands busy knitting or crocheting.

I was thrilled to hear of the Welcome Blanket Project recently; the idea of creating blankets with a total yardage equalling the length of the proposed US/Mexico border wall which will then be donated to refugee families! What a way to celebrate and welcome people of different backgrounds while also giving a virtual middle finger to those in D.C. who oppose diversity.

From the project website ( A welcome blanket is traditionally created to lovingly mark the arrival of a new person into the world. In the Welcome Blanket project, each handmade blanket is a physical manifestation of this celebration of new refugees and other immigrants: “Welcome to the United States and your new life here! We are so glad you have arrived.”


While June in California is not necessarily the best time to be working on blankets, I am so excited to be able to contribute to this project!


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