Sun’s out, Buns out…?

So I’m sure some people have seen that ponytail/messy bun beanie post that kind of exploded on Facebook recently? I literally had 4 different friends (within the same 24 hour time span!) send me the same post saying I should try making one!

Yesterday after school I made up a pattern for one and it turned out pretty decent! I usually make slouchy beanies, so this one is a little more fitted and I’ll need to work out the length so it sits a little further on my head, but it’s definitely comfy!


Introducing the Buns Out Beanie, available for purchase in my Etsy shop just in time for the holidays! I’m also thinking about possibly posting patterns I’ve created… maybe another time? What do you guys think?

Side note- My messy buns NEVER look this good because my hair is super thin, so honestly I’m mostly impressed with that! 🙂